How To Unclog Bathtub Drain


I have used a variety of methods to unclog my unclogged bathtub drain, but nothing seemed to work. Then I found a simple method which seemed to help unclog the drain.

It was actually discovered by accident. The day before my son had his baptism, I noticed that my bathtub was starting to get a lot of water in it. I checked the drain and it was clear. So I turned on the water to the tub, turned off the water in the shower and ran out to buy a colander for the shower head.

When I returned home I pulled the bathtub drain and a few drops of water spilled out. I popped the colander into the shower and took a shower until the water stopped coming out. Then I slowly wiped the shower head, but no more water came out.

This is a dirty drain with its plug beside.perfect to place e.g. money in it.

This was a good idea, because the hot water was in the drain anyway, so I set the shower to “cool”. Once the water got to cool, I opened the tub up again and started over. The water stayed out of the drain all the way.

I had clogged the bathtub’s drain so much that I couldn’t even see it. I wasn’t sure if I should turn on the water or the shower again, so I left it overnight. In the morning, the water just poured out of the drain and all over the floor and walls. I decided not to do anything.

The next day, I went back and checked the drain again. It had almost completely unclogged, but there was some water still draining out. After again running the shower and taking a shower, I turned on the water and a good amount of water got through.

All this time, I had been taking care of my old bathtub drain, which was very dirty and clogged with soap scum. That morning, I had taken it all the way out, but the water still leaked out. A simple vinegar soak and the water started to come out.